Do you want to work for a Czech company that sets trends, boldly measures itself against international competition, and in a decade has grown into one of the leading players in the field? Are you tempted to take part in developing the businesses of the most famous brands in the Czech Republic and abroad, find the right solutions for them, and deal with people in top positions who set the direction of the economy? Do you appreciate the creative environment and friendly atmosphere of a group of people who are connected by more than just work? Welcome to the real estate consulting company 108 AGENCY…

What those who have already joined us and are part of “one-oh-eight“ appreciate:

Creative environment
We like to invent new things and new solutions, because innovation is the basis for a competitive edge and market success.

Fast realisation of ideas
We aren’t a large corporation with complicated approval processes; we can quickly transform a good idea into reality.

A human approach by management
A human approach is one of the cornerstones of our corporate philosophy, and we apply it both among ourselves and in relation to clients.

High degree of independence
We try not to tie anyone down. If any of us finds an unexpected but effective path to the goal, we’re happy for it.

Relaxed working hours
We accommodate our employees if they need to organise work according to their requirements.

Excellent team and interpersonal relationships
We provide room for independence, but we’re a team – we are We. We regularly play sports together, contribute to charity, attend team building events and give each other birthday cakes.

Katka Holcová (wife of our founder and boss) is great at baking…
Really, no other company can boast that.