An essential part of a successful project is a well-planned and effective marketing communication strategy, the purpose of which is to increase the awareness of the property, service or investment opportunity in the direction of the appropriate target group. We provide our clients with advice on planning their marketing strategy, undertake the preparation of a summary presentation of their projects and recommend an optimal communication channel mix to achieve sales goals.


Our expertise and unique approach are best demonstrated in our complex solutions: in addition to our agency services related to real estate, we also undertake marketing and PR assignments related to commercial real estate. Thanks to our customized, unique solutions, our partners can present their projects in targeted marketing communication that ensures a more cost-effective and faster return.

The basis of all our marketing activities is to get to know our customers as much as possible and thus to create a productive communication through which we help to distinguish your product or service from competitors.
Through market research, we support our partners in many areas of online and offline marketing in achieving their success.

We provide the following services in the field of marketing and PR:


  • Direct marketing
  • E-mail marketing
  • Telemarketing
  • Online / offline advertising
  • PPC campaigns
  • Other

Supporting materials:

  • Project identity
  • Brochure / data sheet
  • Preparation of project presentation materials
  • Online presentation
  • Outdoor advertising media
  • Advertisements
  • Other
  • Creation of marketing and PR campaigns
  • Setting up a project identity
  • Preparation of project presentation materials
  • Strategic consulting